To create leaders of tomorrow through whole-education and life-long learning.

VALUES:   To pursue and uphold a Christ lifestyle, Culture with dignity and modernity, Patriotism and good citizenship, Transparency, Equity, Accountability and Meritocracy (TEAM), Dedication and commitment, Innovativeness and creativity, Constant search for excellence, love and compassion.

Mission:  To provide quality tertiary education with practical orientation that targets problem solving and community empowerment for sustainable development .

Vision: To be a Centre of excellence in the provision of business and vocational tertiary education responsive to development needs

Our Motto: Strive for Wealth with Integrity.

  • Motivate students to meet challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Constantly providing opportunities and motivating children irrespective of differences and abilities.
  • Provide students with a balanced academic, sporting and aesthetic education.
  • Nurture supportive and constructive student-centred learning in an increasingly inter-connected world.